Suitable for car, motorbike, boat and home. Reduces blueing on exhausts. Restores and polishes to a brilliant finish Protects against corrosion and tarnishing.
Autosol safely and easily cleans (removing rust, oxidation, stains etc.) and polishes, giving a brilliant shine and lasting protection. ... For nooks and crannies you can apply Autosol Metal Polish with a gloved finger or small brush. For large or heavily rusted items, consider using a buffing wheel.
Autosol Scratch Remover is a gentle and effective cleaner that restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched painted and synthetic-glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields.
Autosol Metal Polish Liquid is certified by NSF International, a global public health and safety organization, and has been declared safe for use around food processing areas. This product is non-toxic and ammonia free, making it ideal for household, automotive or industrial use.
Autosol Plastic Cleaner is an award-winning product, celebrated for its versatility and gentle but efficient formula. It is ideal for all plastic parts and painted surfaces and it is well suited for use indoors and out, on vehicles and in the home.
One of the most popular uses for Autosol Metal Polish, and perhaps one of the most satisfying and even vital, is polishing up clouded and yellowing headlights. ... To polished plastic headlight lenses you'll need a tube of Autosol Metal Polish and a soft (microfiber) cloth or buffing wheel for your drill.
The Autosol scratch remover has been designed for use with lacquer coatings and transparent plastics. The formulation removes grime and fine scratches & leaves a shiny finish that protects against weather. ... Autosol was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1929